As Knowledge is freely received, so it is given.
This website is the product of one person's vision. A vision realized. The African-American Flag represents the history, culture, knowledge and power of African-Americans. The flag encompasses much that the African in America has experienced. From the first slaves brought to the New World in 1562, to the election of an African-American to the office of President of the United States, we are reminded of our darkest times and of our greatest triumphs.

African-American culture is rich, with the flag highlighting writers, poets, artists and entertainers. African-Americans have contributed much to what is widely considered as "American." Music is a perfect example. From old spirituals and the blues, through jazz to modern hip-hop, African-American contributions have been immense. African-Americans have made great contributions to the cultural fabric of America, and the flag highlights early pioneers to modern day "moguls".

The information contained on the flag (and the website) represents African-American history and culture. While not claiming to be complete and definitive, the reader is given information that was not readily available to many, for many years. Information is knowledge. The more information one has, the better his or her decisions are. Indeed, those who society deems as knowledgeable are only better informed. With knowledge, comes power. We see this with Frederick Douglass, who was empowered by the knowledge he attained by reading-by informing himself. This empowerment served as the vehicle for his freedom. And it was with this knowledge-this power-that he was able to fight for the freedom of all of those in bondage in America.

The hope is that anyone viewing this website can inform themselves and use the knowledge to empower themselves and those around them. Whether the student, the teacher, or the curious, let the information contained in this website serve you well. Whether a familiar name you've heard but never knew any more, to those you know but could know more, the African-American Flag's sole purpose is to shed light onto history that still remains shrouded. The African-American Flag endeavor to show that the American Flag is our flag too, and the history is there to prove it. Our contributions have been immense, improving the American way of life through invention, art and culture, and by allowing all Americans to confront our biggest moral contradictions.

We hope that the flag and the information contained within serves you well.